1.   Read the Colorado Business Resource Book

2.   You should register with the Secretary of State

3.   You should get a Federal EIN #

4.   If you have employees, it is recommended to set up a wage withholding account and unemployment insurance tax

5.   To view information about Colorado taxes, check out the tax and legal information here

6.   If you cannot get in touch with the Department of Revenue, you may reach them through this form here

7.   Colorado does not have a general business license, but there are licensing requirements based on industry

8.   Make sure to check with your local city and county for any licensing, permit or tax requirements

9.   Colorado Business Express is a quick and easy way to register your business with both the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and the Colorado Department of Revenue

10.   Register for a workshop or sign up for a one-on-one consulting session with the Colorado Small Business Development Center

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