New Business Setup

New Business Setup

Profit Accounting Plus will assist new QuickBooks users with initial company setup to include: company info and preferences, customers, vendors, banking info, sales tax info and account set up for ease of use and meaningful reporting.

Existing Business Clean-up

Profit Accounting Plus will fix the discrepancies, making your books accurate. If your books are inaccurate you are missing out on money saving opportunities. Financials are what the companies taxes are based off of, if they are incorrect than that can have some damaging effects on the business. PAP will be dedicated to assist you in correcting and either maintaining or training you to take advantage of possible savings and precise records and reports.

Existing Business Get Serious and Grow

Profit Accounting Plus will work with you on accounting tasks which will allow you to concentrate on building your business because your time is priceless. PAP will give you the freedom to focus on your vision and growing your business.

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