Time is the most valuable commodity in society today

The rich want it and so do the poor. This is one thing that everyone would want! How much time do you think you have spent trying to figure out your accounting? How much frustration and stress have you had trying to figure it out?

Why Is Accounting So Important?

The significance of accounting has never been more apparent than in today's market, with the struggling economy and the job market in decline. Though the loss of jobs may be happening in many fields the one that continues to stay strong is accounting. The reasons for this are the same reasons that accounting is such an important aspect in the economy and in society.

Why accountants are more ethical than you’d think

As a practising auditor for a large global accounting firm, I have plenty of experience upon which to base this article. In my line work, the number of businesses I have worked within has to be a number in the mid 30's. And I'm going to make a statement that would go completely against the public opinion: Accountants are ethical people. In fact, I'd go one further and pronounce that they're very ethical people.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Functions

Accounting tasks to a non-financial person can be a mammoth task. Wading through invoices, bank statements amongst others duties can be quite tasking especially for small business owners who have a lot of other things to do. Even businesses that have an in-house business team still need to manage the functions of the team to ensure they meet the business objectives at a minimal cost.

The cost saving of hiring Profit Accounting Plus vs. hiring an employee

The cost saving of hiring PAP vs. hiring an employee: EE salary 55,000 per year plus 12% for taxes (including FICA, Medicare, and Unemployment insurance), 16% for Workers comp and average of 660 for health insurance not considering vacation and sick pay for a total of about 71,000.

Giving back to the community

I participated in the Share Hope Day through Convoy of Hope and it was amazing. It was located in North Fort Collins and they provided health services, kids play zone, free books for kids.