How to Master Hands-Off Leadership and Empower Your Team

This man was clearly very important at his company because so many people depended on him daily. There was no doubt that he would spend countless hours making up for that week away. How many of his business wheels had altogether stopped spinning and would begin to turn again only upon his return? Sound familiar? Many leaders don’t leave the office because they fear things will fall apart without their direct involvement.

7 Daily Habits of Great Leaders

When you think about the accomplishments of great business leaders, the scope of their achievements may seem intimidating. After all, they’ve made huge waves in the world of business, whereas you may feel like you’ve barely made a splash. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from them in order to become a better leader yourself.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Start-ups’ legal mistakes run the gamut. They can include not having written contracts, depending on poorly designed partner or investor agreements, or failing to realize how many different aspects of running a business are regulated by various government entities. It’s impossible to provide a comprehensive list, but here are some common areas where pitfalls tend to occur:

3 Tips to Delivering Good, Old Fashioned Customer Service

Running a business is nonstop… but if you’re already running one, you don’t need me to tell you that. What you may need, however, is refresher on good, old fashioned customer care.

Optimizing Your Company’s Value

If you want to get the best price for your business, you should allow for adequate preparation time.

Passion? Data? People? 6 Experts Weigh In On Small Business Advice.

There’s no business like show business, as the saying goes, however this same expression could be applied to small businesses. You know all too well that it’s competitive, tough and never-ending when you work as a small business owner or employee. With so much on your to-do-list and a non-stop curiosity of what investments or efforts make the most sense, it never hurts to hear from others about their take on how to achieve small business success. In particular, experts that work directly with small businesses of all kinds – including retailers, restaurants and more – share their valuable insight.

5 Signs Your Small Business is Becoming Irrelevant

Many entrepreneurs fail to notice the subtle signs that their products or services are becoming obsolete. When they finally take note, their once thriving enterprises are in jeopardy. Ensure that your small business flourishes for years to come by taking notice of the following telltale signs that your company may become irrelevant.

7 Best Franchises for Small Business Owners

For the entrepreneur who wants tried-and-true guidance when opening a small business, afranchise offers the support necessary for success. Some franchises are friendlier to small business owners than others, so it pays to do your homework before purchasing. These seven franchises are strong chains with affordable startup costs. They are known for treating their franchisees well, including providing ongoing support. All of them rank high on the Entrepreneur 2015 Franchise 500 list.

4 Body Language Poses that are Hurting Your Success (and 2 That Help)

Did you know that the way you stand, the position of your hands and even how you hold your head could be hurting your business? Many entrepreneurs inadvertently use body language poses that spell the opposite of success. If you’re not being taken as seriously as you’d like or landing the business you want, it may be time to take a close look at your nonverbal communication.

The Most Bizarre Job Interview Questions

Most of us receive a left-field question once in a while, but what if this happens during a job interview? Job interviews seem designed to catch the poor candidate out, and there are some queries you simply can’t prepare for — from the baffling to the ridiculous.